Trouble in the Dessarin Valley

The Plague of Lance Rock

As the group readies their gear and prepare to set out for Lance Rock, Dashtan is approached by Thaladen. He requests Dashtan accompany him to their room, a request to which he reluctantly acquiesces. Once they are alone Thaladen wishes his brother good luck and hopes they will see each other again. He then presents Dashtan with a gift, a pair of masterfully crafted adamantine khopeshs. Dashtan is taken aback as he never expected such a kind act from his normally pompous and flippant brother. He attempts to hug Thaladen, who less than kindly refuses. Lord Thann also has well wishes for his youngest son, but ruins the gesture when he whispers an off color comment about Asha.

Meanwhile in the stable Haul struggles with his horse, who refuses to let him mount it. Rath notices him struggling and approaches asking the horse why he refuses to let Haul ride him. The horse explains, rather gruffly, that Haul’s thighs are cold and he requires a blanket…and some apples, soaked in rum. Rath tells Haul of his horses demands. The sorcerer quickly fetches a blanket from the stablemaster, whom Haul promptly intimidates when the little man demands payment. The horse mollified, for now, allows him to mount up and the group heads south towards the stone monument.

As the group nears they Dashtan and Haul spot what appears to be a scarecrow in the middle of the tall grass. As they get closer they can tell it is actually the corpse of a man who has been erected on a post like a scarecrow. A sign around his neck bears the message.

Come no closer
lest you catch
the disfiguring plague
that afflicts me!
The Lord of Lance Rock

After a brief debate the group decides to continue on to Lance Rock. Ikki arrives first, quickly finding a hastily covered cave entrance. The group arrives and begins to file inside when it becomes apparent that Ikki is freaked out at the prospect of being in such tight confines. Haul ventures deeper into the cave finding the corpse of a man dressed only in ragged breeches. As he bends down to inspect the body it suddenly stirs violently swinging its stiff arm at him. The group rushes forth to lend Haul aid in dispatching the undead creature. Asha returns to Ikki with Rath and the pair try to coax the aarakocra into the cave to no avail.

Rath has an epiphany, digging around in his satchel he produces a teapot and some herbs he carries with him. He explains that he will brew a tea that can be used to calm Ikki’s anxiety. The brew smells rank and doesn’t taste much better but with in a matter of minutes Ikki is much less nervous and willing to enter the cave.

The group follows the cave until it opens into a large chamber, torches blazing. A large flat stone with dark stains coloring its top sits in the center of the room. Most of the group stops short trying to detect any signs of life or movement. Rath however, continues itno the chamber undeterred. As he takes three steps into the chamber rocks suddenly come crashing down on him from overhead, two zombies landing beside him ready to attack. The adventures quickly take their undead assailants down. A brief check of Rath finds he is alive but unconscious. As the group inspects the chamber Dashtan hoists Rath up to ledge and leaves him there for safe keeping.

The group winds there way deeper into the cavern they encounter yet more zombies. These zombies however are dressed bizarrely, one in a bear suit, another in a frilly dress and wig with makeup, and a third wearing the countenance of a jester. Haul leading the group quickly launches a ball of dark energy at the “bear”. Emilianna who is near the rear of the group scrambles between the imposing sorcerer’s legs and fires an arrow into the “lady.” Ikki, who was also bringing up the rear hurls a dart a the jester that flies wide before running along the heads of the group and using Haul’s head as a vault to smash the jester with a devastating kick. The “bear” advances and attempts to claw at Haul, the “lady” unable to get around the “bear” flails its arms impotently, and the jester tries to execute a silly jump before attacking that snaps its leg sending it crashing to the floor. Dashtan slides around Haul and slices the leg off the “bear” toppling it to the ground. Asha fires a bolt of fire that misses the lady. Haul infuriated at his companions climbing on him like a tree, stands back and allows his compatriots to finish off their zombie assailants.

As the battle concludes they search the chamber and find two exits, Haul can hear a quite talking coming from the southwestern passage and pursues it immediately, the group hot on his heals. He enters a small room in which sit two iron chests, he readies to open one but Asha calls for him to stop. Haul proceeds at which point rocks tumble from a head crevice in the ceiling and a shrill voice shouts “You dare to pit yourselves against the Lord of Lance Rock? Death is your reward!” The remaining party crowds into the room and upon further investigation the discover a peephole on the southern wall.

The group backtracks and takes the other narrow passage and enter a large chamber where a hooded figure toils with a bone needle and thread. The room is filled with three stone tables, baskets of amputated body parts, and counter holding saws, knives, and other tools. Four skeletons guard a wide stairwell on the western wall. Emilianna deftly sneaks up behind the hooded figure, grabbing him and placing a blade to his neck. The hooded figure groans revealing itself as a zombie and she quickly slits its throat. Dashtan springs into action and attacks the hooded zombie knocking it over Emilianna and onto the floor. Five hands emerge from the baskets and launch themselves at Em and Dashtan. With the aid of their companions the hands are quickly destroyed.

Emilianna fires an arrow at one of the skeleton guards launching them into action. The group makes short work of their assailants but not without sustaining a few injuries of their own. Our adventurers head up the stairs.

They enter a long oval chamber, the walls covered by purple draperies. In the middle of the room sits a pedestal made from humanoid arms sown together. The hands cradle a glowing orb and above it floats a stylized eye.


Haul spots the Gray Man they encountered in Triboar who holds up his clawed hand and points at one curtain in particular. Haul advances upon it throwing back the thick curtain he finds a huddled little man who immediately begins shrieking at them. Haul and Ikki both slap him around before Dashtan attempts to reason with him, then he vanishes.

Emilianna not wanting to touch the orb fires an arrow at it knocking it off the pedestal. A scream of “NO!” elicits from behind one of the draperies and the filthy little man rushes out charging for the globe. Ikki attempts to bar his path but the little man in his fit of rage throws the bird person out of his path. Asha however brings him up short with a shoulder check. He pleads with them but his shrieks only cause Haul to knock him unconscious.

Haul sets fire to anything that will burn and the group makes a hasty exit, but not before retrieving Rath. They ride back to the scarecrow and rouse the little man and attempt to extort a confession out of him. They quickly realize he is quite mad and has been robbing local cemeteries for his minions. The tie him up and take him back to Red Larch where they turn him over to Harburk and in form him of his crimes. The group heads back to the Swinging Sword to see to Rath and rest up so they can continue their investigation fresh the following day.

Wolves of the Long Road

As the weary group travels through the night they are beset by a pack of wolves. Haul’s arm is savaged and he is nearly unhorsed. His blood seems to respond of it’s own accord covering the head of the beast and crushing it’s skull before flinging it away. The party slaughters the beasts but not before taking some grievous wounds and the destruction of one of Dashtan’s prized blades at the hands of Ikki.

Our adventures lay their eyes upon Red Larch at midday. They quickly settle into the Swinging Sword with Lord Thann handling the sleeping arrangements and covering the expense of their stay. As the group makes their entrance into the establishment the owner, Kaylessa Irkell, becomes more and more perplexed and frustrated. Asha heads to the Allfaiths Shrine to make her daily devotions, while the rest of the group take a brief respite at the inn. Dashtan and Emilianna decide to pay a visit to Harburk Tuthmarillar, Red Larch’s constable. They receive directions from the inn’s proprietor and find Harburk at Jalessa Ornra, the butcher’s home.

Harburk briefs them on the situation informing them that for the past several months travelers along the Long Road have gone missing. He is able to advise them that it seems to happen primarily to travelers that set out close to nightfall and it doesn’t seem to matter what direction they are headed. Harburk informs the pair that one merchant’s wagon wandered as far north as Westbridge before being discovered so he couldn’t pin it down to a specific geographical area. Emilianna negotiates the rendering of four of the wolves from the previous nights combat before the pair return to the Swinging Sword.

The group decides to take the evening to rest and begin their investigation in the morning in earnest. The group orders a meal and discuss the information Harburk imparted over dinner and drinks. Rath curious about the unusual beverages his companions are imbibing approaches the bar and orders a rum, based on Asha’s recommendation. Hunter Irkell, the snotty oldest son of inn’s proprietor, attempts to trick Rath into drinking an entire tankard of rum. Fortunately Asha intercepts it and the two share it. Dashtan finds much to his dismay that he will be rooming with Thaladen and decides to play a brotherly prank and bury him under his luggage.

Rath awakens to find himself tangled in a tree, his antlers wedged between two branches, Asha laying at the base of the tree. He disentangles his body but decides to remain suspended by his antlers and go back to sleep. Emilianna wakes early and hits the town to find supplies. Ikki has a conversation with a puffed up blue jay that is less than useful. Dashtan awakens to find himself buried under Thaladen’s luggage. The two decide to breakfast together at which point Dashtan notices that his brother is missing the pinky toe on his left foot. Dashtan inquires about the foot and upon receiving the story wishes he hadn’t.

The brothers adjourn to the common room for their morning meal. Haul, seeing Thaladen, creates an awful odor forcing the pair outdoors. Haul settles takes there table and orders himself breakfast. Asha awakens and comes inside. After cleaning herself up she joins Haul for breakfast. Kaylessa attracts Asha’s attention and takes her to Rikon, her youngest son, so he can relate an event that happened to him the previous day at Lance Rock. Rikon tells Asha of a strange wild-eyed man with a matted beard that scared them away threatening them with a flesh eating plague.

Meanwhile Dashtan, tracks down Hunter in order for the lad to introduce him to Ghileeda, a maid at the Sword, who might know something about the missing travelers. Ghileeda is a little frightened and seems very concerned about losing her job but eventually confides that she has been going through bags of travelers staying at the Sword. She tells him of one traveler who had a mask made of bronze that looked like some kind of “devil.” She also tells him of a current resident who has all manner of strange and frightening things in his baggage. Dashtan quickly ascertains she is speaking of his brother.

The group reassembles and armed with the information that Asha has received they prepare to set off for Lance Rock.

What's Done in the Dark

The day begins when Darathra summons Dashtan to her study, it has been a long night for the young adventurer but he pulls himself, reluctantly from his bed. When he arrives in her study he finds they are joined by scraggly older man fresh from the road. Darathra introduces Salomnar a resident of Red Larch who has been sent by Harburk, the constable, seeking aid. She advises Dashtan that given the events of the previous evening she has decided that he will be accompanying the delegates from Mirabar south to Westbridge and then continue south along the Long Road to Red Larch to lend aid to Harburk. Lord Thann barges in and announces that Thaladen has been accepted into Blackstaff Tower and that they will be joining the delegation on the trip south. An argument begins between Evendurr and Darathra, she requests Dashtan show Salomnar to somewhere he can freshen up and find the others and inform them of their pending journey.

While Rath meditates comfortably in Gwaeron’s Slumber his reverie disturbed when an arrow flies between his antlers. The attack coming from a careless hunter who mistook Rath for a prize elk. Rath decides it might be best to leave the forest and explore areas where he might be less likely to be shot at. Ikki seeing the strange humanoid joins him on the trip into town.

Asha finds herself on the deck of a boat at sea. She quickly comes to the realization that the boat is completely unmanned. She climbs down form the crows nest and drops anchor before conducting a thorough search of the vessel. As she climbs up from below deck the sky has become filled with storm clouds and the seas have become rough. As Asha attempts to pull anchor a giant wave begins to crest heading straight for the boat. With every flash of lightning Asha can see a giant blade raising out of the water behind the wave. Impaled on the blade is “Father” Longfellow. She starts awake just as the wave smashes the boat. Her room is filled with steam and the mirror on her vanity is leaking water freely. She investigates the mirror and as she looks in it she can see the image of Celxi Longfellow behind her in her reflection. She attempt to keep an eye on the mirror and look behind her at the same time and the image disappears. She disassembles her entire room in an effort to confirm this was not some sort of prank. And then sets off for the fountain in the north square for her morning devotionals.

Dashtan finds Emilianna already awake and tending to the choirs around her shack. Sheep, always happy to see the young ranger jumps the fence and begins playfully weaving in and out of Prancer’s legs. Dashtan’s horse is not amused. The two converse about the journey ahead of them and Emilianna sets to packing for the trip.

As Haul sits in the basement of The Frost-Touched Frog his eyes snap open of their own volition to find the sarcophagus of Leoend Swordhand filling his room. The lid slowly slides open. Haul approaches cautiously only to find the tomb empty. Suddenly a gray skinned hand reaches out of the darkness and pulls him into the tiny space, the lid sliding back into place trapping him. A blue flame appears in the darkness and the face of the playful elven boy with the needle like teeth materializes. He advises Haul that he isn’t doing his duty. When Haul’s answers don’t satisfy him the face disappears and the space shrinks even more.

Dashtan arrives at the Frog and enters Hauls basement only to find him in a deep state of meditation and completely unresponsive. With the aid of Alatha Riversword, the Frog’s proprietor, he opens a window in the basement and pushes Haul into the shaft of sunlight. In Haul’s mind he is blinded as a hole is torn in the coffins lid, he is able to smash a larger hole with his fists and struggle his way through. As Dashtan watches Haul’s knuckles begin to bleed and scrapes begin to materialize on his body. As Haul pulls himself free his senses return to him in the real world. Haul is more than a little angry that Dashtan is in his basement and has no wish to discuss the mysterious injuries that appeared out of thin air.

Rath and Ikki make it to the Center Market and find that a new stall has the entire town buzzing. As they make there way to the front of the crowd they can see a small dwarf who has posted drawings of the previous nights battle depicting the adventures. He shyly hands each of them portraits of themselves. The crowd realizing that they are standing amidst last nights heroes begin to crowd around them in awe. Dashtan entering the market and seeing his friends in apparent jeopardy draws his blades and rides towards the crowd. This elicits cheers from the crowd and the little dwarf pulls out a sketch pad and begins to furiously draw the scene. Ikki feeling overwhelmed flies up and perches atop the stall and
Rath uses the distraction of Dashtan’s approach to flee into a nearby alley.

Dashtan after accepting the adulation of the crowd informs Ikki of their assignment before riding to the alley and requesting he accompany them on their journey.

The group gathers in the Center Market near the Lord Protector’s residence as they wait for the delegation and Lord Thann’s retinue to finalize preparations for their journey. With the aid of some of the groups fans they are able to get the caravan packed in short order and begin their journey. The day of travel is without incident.

They settle in for the evening and begin to get to know their new traveling companions. As Lord Thann goes to use the latrine he trips on a thin wire placed by Emilianna and falls face first into the communal bathroom. Embarrassed he storms off to cleanup and is surprisingly quite the rest of the night. Teresiel, a Moon Elf from Silverymoon, who took interest in Haul when first setting eyes upon him in Triboar approaches him again, coaxing him into taking down his hood. After a brief flirtatious conversation she kisses him on the lips. Haul immediately flees. Nonplussed by Haul’s apparent dismissal she approaches Rath, sitting uncomfortably close to him and asking him all kinds of intrusive questions. Rath not certain how to react or of the elf’s intentions is slow to respond or pick up on the nuance of her language. Ikki watches from a tree top completely baffled. Teresiel wanders through camp finding Dashtan chopping wood a few yards from camp. She sits down and watches him making idle conversation laced with suggestive language, the young ranger, while flattered is nervous and doesn’t pick up the maiden’s intent. She returns to camp and approaches Asha, intrigued by her fiery demeanor. They converse briefly before Teresiel produces a wooden box containing a sealed bottle of exquisite aged spiced rum. She breaks the wax seal and pours them both glasses. Asha gulps it down greedily. As the rum hits her stomach the world turns sideways and she losses consciousness.

Asha awakens swaddled in silk, nestled between the unclothed sleeping forms of Teresiel and Thaladen. Her recollections of the previous night are sparse but vivid. She wakes both of them up and extorts Thaladen for her silence. The remainder of the trip to Westbridge are uneventful, but the group begins to hear rumors involving Asha, Teresiel, and Thaladen. The delegation from Mirabar parts company and Rhundorth, the dwarven artist, gives each of them a new picture from their journey together before saying goodbye.

After riding south for a day the group spots a large plume of smoke on the horizon and spur into action. As they get closer they find a large farm house completely engulfed in flame, screams can be heard coming form inside. The break into the flaming structure to find three forms sitting in chairs around a table their bodies ablaze, the smallest of which is no longer moving. They quickly douse the people and drag them out of the structure before it collapses. Rath acting quickly administers some healing potions to the two survivors. As they inspect the rescuees they discover that the woman and child’s wrists have been bound by barbed wire to the arms of the chair, while the man’s have not. As the man regains consciousness he rails at the group for ruining their trip to the City of Brass.

Haul sees the visage of the charred girl appear next to him, she inscribes an arcane symbol on his palm and tells him to avenge her before disappearing in a puff of ash. fire.png

The group berate him for a fool and try to coax out of him who told him that the City of Brass was a place his family would be at peace. To little avail. The group rouse the wife and after an extended discuss determine that she was naively followed her husband’s will, Asha attempting to provide her with some solace tells her to go to a nearby stream and pray to Istishia.

Haul knocks the husband unconscious and the group decide to turn him into the authorities in Red Larch for trial. Asha goes in search of the woman, only to find her dead in the woods from self inflicted injuries. Emilianna and Asha bury the wife and child before the group sets back out on the road. The quickly catch up to Evendur and Thaladen and make camp shortly after sunset.

During Asha’s watch she climbs into the carriage to check on the prisoner when suddenly she feels a prick in her neck. She finds a three inch long needle sticking out of her neck and she begins to feel very wobbly. She hears a noise in the bushes nearby and pounces through the trees to spear Lord Thann’s pants to the ground. The get into a screaming match that rouses the rest of the group. Rath inspects the needle Asha found in her neck and without thinking tastes it causing him to pass out. Haul picks up the needle and jabs Lord Thann in the arm causing him to pass out. Asha jumps into the wagon intent on interrogating the prisoner only to find him dead, his throat slit. The group goes on high alert and immediately begins to search for the culprit. Emilianna finds a few sparse tracks of a barefoot individual who is missing the little toe on the left foot. But the tracks disappear into a stream. Unnerved the group decides to break camp and continue their journey throughout the night.

Wrath of the Thunder Beasts

While accompanying Darathra on her journey north Emilianna’s war dog, Sheep, took sick. Darathra not being able to afford any delay, orders her son, Dashtan, to accompany Emiliana back to Triboar. As they journey south along the Long Road a bolt of cobalt lightning splits the sky. The adventures curiosity peaked they leave their mounts and wade into the tall grass to investigate.

Haul, having fled the cemetery, bursts through the tangles of wild grass into a clearing in the center of which is a white stone sarcophagus, the visage of a stout warrior gripping a thick bladed sword carved into the lid. Haul starts a small fire that allows Ikki and Asha to locate him. As they investigate the clearing and the tomb Dashtan and Emilianna spot their fire and are able to quickly discern that the figures in the clearing ahead are known to them. The group gathers in the clearing and continues their investigation, discovering a trail of dirt in an arching pattern behind the sarcophagus.

Suddenly Asha, Ikki, and Emilianna begin to hear scratching coming from inside the monument they slowly approach when they scratching becomes a loud boom that lifts the lid slightly causing it to land slightly askew. A pale finger wiggles its way into the crack and effortlessly slides the lid to the side. A gray man sits up, eyes blank, his jaw contorts at an odd angle and dozens of jagged, sharp fangs tear through his gums. His hands stretch and warp to become talon like appendages. It’s gaze comes to rest on Dashtan and it charges out of box with alarming speed. Our heroes fend off the gray horror with Dashtan nearly splitting the thing in thirds as the beast lunged over him. Upon his defeat the gray man reverts to human form, the group taking no chances decides to burn his remains.

Haul in his usual manner walks away from the group, intent upon returning home. He is tripped up in the long grass by a feral looking elven child with a large smile full of needle sharp teeth. The child commands Haul to help Leoend get revenge before disappearing.

After the excitement the group comes to the realization that one of their number Aeran, Ikki’s brother, is no where to be found. Ikki takes to the skies while the rest of the party fans out to search for the missing Aarakocra. Emiliana returns to the village and rallies the city militia and a search effort begins.

Within a few days the Midsummer festival is upon the city. Darathra arrives leading the caravan from Longsaddle, she receives a report from the group before assigning duties to Dashtan, Ikki, Asha, and Emilianna. The Frost-Touched Frog is hoppng with all of the travelers swarming the city to join in the festivities and Haul has his hands full keeping things under control.

Dashtan being summoned by his father has a terse discussion about his future and that his presence will be required at dinner that evening. Meanwhile, Darathra requests Asha join her at the Thann estate that evening to serve as Dashtan’s escort. Emilianna while filling in as part of the city watch is summoned to The Talking Troll in time to see a man thrown bodily through one of the establishments front windows, Asha the apparent perpetrator. A tavern brawl was in full swing and Emilianna orders the watchmen under her command to restore order. They rush blindly into the fray swinging at the nearest available target, forcing Emilianna to take matters into her own hands. Her enthusiastic rebuke of her subordinates settles the tavern down like magic, shamed the watchmen skulk off to find Emilianna more suitable charges.

Without warning a bottle flies from the crowd crashing into Emilianna’s head. Asha leaps to her feet and approaches the perpetrator, striking him roughly. The huge man rises from his chair and hurls Asha into Emilianna causing them both to tumble through the previously shattered window. Asha decides it was a good time to take her leave and attend to finding a dress for the evening. Emilianna’s backup arrives and with their aid order is restored to the Troll.

Asha arrives at the Thann estate at around the same time as Dashtan. Asha wearing a dress that wasn’t the best fit, but the best she could find on short notice, greets Dashtan awkwardly. Darathra slides onto the porch and quickly informs Dashtan that Asha would be his escort for the evening, to Dashtan’s surprise. They enter the home to find Thaladen in the study attending an attractive, slender young woman. Thaladen noticing his brother’s entrance excuses himself and greets his brother, acting out of character even treating Dashtan with respect. He introduces Deseyna Cragsmere, the name registers immediately with Dashtan as one of the oldest and wealthiest in Waterdeep. Lord Thann enters the study and upon seeing Asha demands a private audience with Dashtan. Lord Thann lectures Dashtan about bringing a “freak” into his home before informing him that he has begun negotiations for the marriage of Thaladen to Lady Cragsmere.

Asha and Dashtan attempt to join Thaladen and Deseyna in the dining room however, Lady Cragsmere asks them both questions that make them uncomfortable. They excuse themselves to find Darathra and a stiff drink. They find Lady Shendrel in the kitchen seeing to final preparations and as they are heading to the study their is a violent pounding on the door. Dashtan opens it to find a soot-stained and weary guard who informs him that the farm lands outside of Triboar are under attack. Dashtan informs Darathra who sends him and Asha ahead to mobilize the Twelve.

Dashtan gathers the Twleve and begins dispensing assignments to the city watch. Asha goes in search of Haul, feeling his skills might be of use. Ikki and Emilianna begin scouting the streets for trouble. Darathra arrives and leads the Twelve out of town to find the cause of the trouble, leaving Dashtan in charge.

Rath, a Tiefling druid, who has journeyed to Triboar for the Midsummer festival sits at a lonely fountain the Northern Square. As he runs his fingers through the water he notices a menacing figure, that resembles a bear, sitting atop a horse. He attempts to hail the figure who responds by attacking with a large ball and chain. Despite sustaining a wound Rath is able to unhorse and kill his attacker. Seeing more approaching Rath flees. Ikki who has been sweeping he westside spots the horned man sprinting down the street and lands in front of him. Rath attempts to tell him of the coming threat and the pair continue toward the center square.

Dashtan spotting riders approaching from the east sets off in that direction, Emilianna scrambles down from her perch on a nearby tower and leaps onto the back of Dashtan’s horse. Dashtan tries to engage the riders, who respond by hurling a spear in his direction. The horsemen close and engage the pair in melee. Asha and Haul are able to sneak up on the tribes men and with the aid of Ikki and Rath the invaders are quickly dispatched. More riders approach from the east, but they are no match for our heroes who take them apart in short order. Upon inspecting the bodies Dashtan realizes that he recognizes one of them as Ingomar, the son of the chieftain of the Thuderbeasts. The Thunderbeasts, the most civilized of the Uthgardt, have routinely traded in the city and have never raided or assaulted it’s citizens.

The group begin to scour the city for more invaders and find several homes that have been put to the torch in the northern sector, as well as, some citizens who have lost their lives. Darathra returns from the countryside and hearing of the attack determines the fires were likely set as a diversion to lure the Twelve out of town. She seems at a loss for what could have motivated the Thunderbeasts attack.

The Gray Man

Darathra Shendrel, the Lord Protector of Triboar, after a heated discussion with her husband informs her valet, Asha, that she will be required to take a brief sojourn out of the city. She requests that Asha find an Aarakocra member of the city watch called Ikki and to dispatch a runner to deliver a letter addressed to Haul.

With limited difficulty Asha finds Ikki in the company of her brother Aeran in Gwaeron’s Slumber. After a brief discussion Ikki decides it will be best if she keeps her mischievous brother close at hand.

The runner bearing the message locates Haul at his place of employment The Frost-Touched Frog, since it is early in the day business is light the proprietor, Alatha Riversword, gives him leave to answer the Lord Protectors summons.

Darathra gathers the eclectic group in her office and tells them of rumors of a gray “man” wandering the hills and valleys outside the city attacking live stock and scaring travelers. Recently the creatures antics have escalated with an attack upon a farmers home. She requests that the group investigate the situation in her stead as she has to attend to her unexpected journey. She points them in the direction of Six Windows where they will find Dorn Stonewood before making her leave.

The group ventures across the city and after some quick talking on the part of Haul with the proprietor they find Dorn in room 12. Dorn relates his tale, upon returning home from a long journey last night he found a “gray man” savagely clawing at the walls and door of his home. He could hear the screams of his wife and child coming from within but was so overcome by fear he fled running directly to the Lord Protector’s house and begging for her help.

The group heads to Dorn’s home and begins investigating the collapsed structure. They find claw marks in the door and walls at the front of the house, but Aeran finds curtains at the rear of the structure that leads the group to begin searching for tracks at the rear of the structure. Haul spots some footprints in some soft earth and after hours of searching they find Dorn’s wife Kelsie hiding in a hollow log with her child. She is frightened beyond sense and can only relate to them the horrible visage of the monster that attacked her home.

The group leads the shocked woman back to Six Windows and return her to her grateful husband. He tearful promises to repay the group in any way he can, promising to shelter them and always provide them with a share of his crop each year.

The group head’s back to the Frog to continue to make inquiries about the “gray man.” Most of the locals are familiar with the legend but have always discounted it as a boogie man story that people told to frighten their children. Alatha overhearing the group points them in the direction of Travik Quickmoor, a gruff dairy farmer who has a stall in the Center Market, indicating that he may have a story to relate that may be of interest to the group.

The group decides to rest for the night with Asha taking a side trip to a fountain in the North Square to make her evening devotionals to her god, Istishia. While trying to temper her fiery soul she is accosted by a group of thugs looking for an easy mark. After a brief battle which sent two of the street toughs running for the hills and the last with a trident shaped hole in his chest she retired for the evening.

The group met in the Center Market and located Travik with little difficulty. He recounted the tale of Nixim “Father” Longfellow, a self styled historian and archaeologist, who had entertained the entirety of the Frog several nights ago as he drunkenly bragged of a discovery he had made that would change the history of Triboar forever. Travik was not able to provide them with an address for the gnome but directed them to the actual town historian Bali Brighthammer. Haul seemingly under the weather took his leave of the group to return to the comfort of his basement.

Ikki, Aeran, and Asha met with Bali and after a comical misunderstanding at his doorstep managed to question him about the “gray man” and Nixim Longfellow. Bali advised the group that the legend started approximately 80 years after the founding of Triboar. The legend claims a “gray man” roams the countryside attacking live stock and lonely travelers. It seems to resurface every 50 years, be the talk of the town for a few months before the sightings tapper off. He claims that he could not verify the legend as he had never personal witnessed the arrival of the “gray man” and all evidence has been anecdotal from the mouths of usually heavy intoxicated men. He is able to provide them with an address for Mr. Longfellow.

Our three adventurers arrive at the Longfellow residence to find no one in residence. They return to the Frog to consult with Haul and they decide to send the Aarakocra to the skies to scout for any sign of digs that may be the work of the budding archaeologist. Asha decides to return to Longfellow’s residence. Ikki and Aeran are unable to find any clues to the whereabouts curious gnome. Asha however encounters Longfellow’s daughter as she is departing her father’s residence. Celxi Longfellow expresses concern for her father’s safety, afraid he may have fallen into one of his excavation pits and be trapped. She agrees to allow Asha entrance into her father’s home, begging her to find her father.

Asha searches the home finding several journals that detail Nixim’s discovery of a hidden cemetery which bears the name of one of the founders of Triboar. She also finds an envelope addressed to his daughter, a hand drawn map to the cemetery, and headstone rubbings which bear the name Grimstone, as well as, eldritch runes of necromantic origin. She opens the envelope to find Longfellow’s will bequeathing all of his possessions to his daughter, a deed to his home, and an apology letter he has written to his daughter. Asha delivers the letter tot he gnomes daughter who is shocked by its contents and once again begs the genasi to bring her father home.

The group regathers and decides at the behest of Haul to wait for nightfall to follow the map. They arrive at a secluded cemetery, surrounded by tall wild grass, and rough terrain. There is no apparent entrance forcing some of the group to scale the wrought iron fence. There are several headstones inside the fence with a large one bearing the name Alberich Grimstone dominating the center of the cemetery. They quickly find the body of “Father” Longfellow, his body already begun to bloat and his face frozen in fear. Haul finds a grave that has been partially excavated and sets to work finishing Nixim’s grim task.

After digging for a short time the earth begins to shake and rotting skeletons pull themselves from the soil launching themselves at the group. In a pitched battle the group manages to stop their undead enemies but not without suffering some wounds of their own.

As the last skeleton falls the ground once again begins to rumble as an inky black spectral form with eyes of burning amber hate, rises from the grave of Alberich Grimstone. He demands to know why the group has disturbed his rest and slain his kin. The group advises the are seeking the “gray man.” He tells them that the “gray man” is the restless form of Leoend Swordhand a name the group recognizes from the legend of the founding of Triboar. The specter commands the group to put his friend to rest and raises his sword aloft and a cobalt lightning bolt strikes a tree a few miles away. With a little coaxing from the spirit the group sets off to put Leoend to rest, hopefully for the final time.


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